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Boca Real Property Management

Here at Hawk-Eye Management Inc. we greatly encourage landlords and property owners to meet with us in Boca Real Property Management Consultation; it is a FREE, no-obligation initial session. That way, you will have an opportunity to get to know us and judge for yourself whether we appear to be who we say we are...the property management experts. Bear in mind that one will be definitely hard pressed, to find a property management service provider with our great qualities, attributes and hallmarks. We will answer all of your questions. You will be introduced to our proactive property management style. We know, that you will be impressed with us in more ways than one! Plus, our monthly service charges are very competitive indeed. Become our client and automatically you will become one of our priorities. Expect our undivided attention and flawless work performance at all times. Hire us, Hawk-Eye Management Inc. We are ideal!

Upon formally hiring our property management services, we will assign one of our State licensed property managers to your property. You will be pleased to know that our head office supports all of our on-site property managers, giving a second opinion when one is necessary, rendering administrative assistance when a property manager is overwhelmed and sharing some responsibilities, so as to give the property manager more time to allocate directly to the property issues and the important needs of the community and its residents. Count on the assigned property manager to assume full responsibility for your association’s primary obligations. Expect the following to be covered by the property manager: the hiring and supervising of employees, the directing of owner collections, the handling of owner violations and conflicts as they occur and also the coordinating of communications between various relevant parties. This apt phrase sums up the great merits of Boca real property management services, as provided by our firm, Hawk-Eye Management Inc.: “Quality management does not cost, it actually pays.”

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