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We, here at Hawk-Eye Management Inc. serve property owners and others in both Boca and Miami with Management services that are customized to meet particular needs. Regardless of the challenges, the complications, the hassles, our dedicated management team can competently handle it! We are solution-oriented. Plus, we own tremendous management resources, sufficient manpower and expertise to serve multiple clients and to do so exceptionally well. One of our fist acts, upon you hiring us, is to assign Property Managers, who will oversee every detail, from hiring employees to directing business matters between relevant professionals, including accountants, engineers, and attorneys. Count on us to always coordinate with our client, to ensure transparency and harmonious relations. Let us evaluate your property portfolio, offer you uncompromised guidance and set about developing a full plan, worthy of implementation.

Whether your properties are in Boca or Miami if management services are needed, do not delay your call to our offices. We are here to help. We have all of the good qualities and attributes one looks for when selecting a property management service provider. Our policy is to assign dedicated Property Managers to our clients, as soon as they hire our esteemed services. An excellent way to sum up the benefit of having a Property Manager, is captured well in this short phrase: “Quality management does not cost, it pays.” Our Property Managers are hand picked to match the particular property which will come under their care and management. This fosters and promotes smooth relations between management and communities. We keep your interests in the forefront, as our client. We are vigilant. When cost-cutting is warranted, we exercise our better judgment and apply measures. We never compromise on excellence, though. We can help you!

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