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Hawk-Eye Management believes that quality administrative personnel are the backbone to a successful management team and we invest wisely in our customer service and administrative staff. These team members work to ensure that the following needs of our clients are promptly and efficiently met.

Facilitate correspondence as required by the Board of Directors or by Statute Under the direction of the association manager, the administrative staff facilitates mailings to the entire community such as notices of Annual or Special Membership Meetings, Budget Meetings etc. Administrative staff prepares general correspondence dealing with routine operational matters between the association and contractor, governmental officials, agents, vendors or other entities.

Maintain filing systems of association’s official records The administrative staff is charged with making sure that homeowner lot files are kept updated. They also assist in the maintenance of association files, including insurance information, contracts, financial information, governing documents, their amendments and state filings. Additionally, staff is responsible for aiding managers in making routine books and records available for inspection by any owner upon proper notice during regular business hours.

Administer resale applications, create new ownership records and files Hawk-Eye administrative staff aids in all unit transition services, including payment status information (estoppels) which facilitates settlements. When required by the Board, our staff performs screening for potential residents (tenants or owners) as required by association documents. The accounting department’s administrative staff also prepares the necessary records and files for all new homeowners upon receipt of notice of a successful closing.

Annual Meeting Assistance Our property managers are always fully prepared for their Annual Meetings. Administrative staff cross-checks to ensure all necessary supplies, (copies of pertinent meeting materials, etc.) are ready for the manager so that a successful Annual Meeting is a certainty. Although association size and participation determine how many Hawk-Eye staff members attend the Annual Meetings, we schedule meetings so that the optimum personnel are available to assist the Manager.

Administer and Develop of Association Web Sites If instructed by a Community’s Board of Directors, the administrative staff will develop and maintain an association web site. The content of the web site is determined by the individual needs of each particular association.

Respond to all telephone inquiries and work order requestsUnparalleled Customer Service sets Hawk-Eye Management apart from the rest on a daily basis. Our Customer Service Staff professionally addresses any and all complaints/work order request from residents as well as from Directors of the Board. Computerized tracking systems are in place to follow all work orders from the first notice of the problem through the successful resolution of the required remedy. The staff generates a monthly service log for each community which is attached to the monthly Board package. Non-emergency phone calls are required to be returned within a twenty-four hour time periods either by the Manager or by Administrative personnel. This is Company policy and is closely monitored by Executive staff.

Prepare general correspondence on behalf of the Board of DirectorsManagement and staff work with the Board to ensure the timely distribution of both individual and group member notifications through traditional and technologically up to date media formats.

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