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West Boca Raton Master Associations

Throughout West Boca Raton several Master Associations continue to benefit hugely from our enlightened management practice. There is absolutely no doubt that we, here at Hawk-Eye Management Inc. are experts at association management, particularly Master Association management. Confidently hire us and you will never regret the decision. We offer value for money spent with us! We customize special management service package deals, to include services that are perfectly suited to your unique entity or Master Association. In multi-association planned developments, there is often a Master Association, holding responsibility for the maintenance of all the common elements of each building. Each association within the community keeps separate books and records, creating a separate budget for shared common expenses. We are familiar with all of the details and procedures. We offer property owners first-class service.

We, the reputable Hawk-Eye Management Inc., have consistently served several West Boca Raton Master Associations and received accolades for our impressive management techniques and approaches and our strong work performance overall. With our professional property management services supporting you as a property owner or real estate developer, you will have peace of mind, knowing that you can rely on us for accountability, integrity and excellence.
The Master Association's main responsibility is to manage elements that are common to the entire development. We have the capacity to deliver focused leadership and direction to any type of Master Association. Leave the hard work to our A-Team! We will attend to pools, tennis courts, security and various other common areas and facilities. Each individual association creates its own rules to govern the use of its common elements and to develop its own budgeting and services. They also set aside money to contribute to the Master Association, to pay for the services they provide. Expect our resourcefulness. Expect us to adopt the necessary proactive stance, as we competently manage your property associations and preserve the integrity of your property portfolio.

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