Pompano Master Associations

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Pompano Master Associations

Here at Hawk-Eye Management, we are proud to be considered the premier property management firm among Pompano master associations. Most large planned developments in our area consist of multiple buildings where each exists as a separate association. The master association, on the other hand, is a single entity that is responsible for the maintenance of all of these buildings. Each association keeps separate records, books and rules, setting aside a separate budget for shared common expenses.

Multi-association projects are often run by individual associations, with the master association responsible for managing elements that are common to the entire development. Each individual association creates its own rules to govern the use of its common elements and to develop its own budgeting and services. The master association manages those elements that are shared by all of the individual associations, including common grounds, security, community pools and tennis courts. Each individual association contributes funds to pay for the services they provide.

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