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Broward County Homeowners Associations

Hawk-Eye Management, is a well known and trusted source for Broward County homeowners associations. Modern suburban communities are planned developments that are usually governed by some type of mandatory membership association usually referred to as “Homeowners Association” (HOA). Homeowners in this type of Association usually own their land and the house itself including the walls, floors, ceilings, etc.

Generally speaking, the Board of Directors for Associations has a primary responsibility to maintain and repair the common elements of their community, in a timely manner. These common elements can consist of tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pool areas, gatehouses, roads and open space area used for the enjoyment of the residents. Landscaping of individual residents as well as maintenance of the dwelling units such as painting, roof and structure maintenance usually lies with each individual homeowner unless otherwise specified in the association documents, however, control of paint color used, type of landscaping or roofing materials are examples of restrictions.

In some cases, the homeowners association voluntarily assume the responsibly of certain maintenance items to retain uniformity in the community. Examples would include, tree, sidewalk or mailbox maintenance, whereas the association would budget accordingly to provide for the repairs and replacement of these items.

State statues for Homeowners Associations are usually considered less stringent than Condominiums but over the past years the gap between the two has been lessened considerably.

Clerical and accounting responsibilities include maintaining accurate records, financial reporting, billing, and collections of assessments and payments of invoices for work performed to maintain the community.

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