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Boca Raton HOA Management companies are required in order to function with maximum performance and success! We hire some of the most qualified, highly skilled, and dedicated property managers to fulfill all of your management needs! Hawk-Eye Management Inc. will provide you with fully licensed property managers who will assist you with your day to day duties, alleviating some of your work and stress, and freeing up some of your time for other important and necessary tasks.


Property Managers responsibilities include but are not limited to overseeing the hiring process of employees, handling owner collections, conducting business with other association professionals such as lawyers and engineers, and of course completing the various daily tasks. We are here to make your life and your work environment easier and run more smoothly. We can assure you that we are one of the top Boca Raton HOA Management companies in the business.


Based in South Florida, Hawk-Eye Management Inc. is the optimum property management company of all the Boca Raton HOA Management agencies. Perhaps we have gained our stellar status and excellent reputation because we provide nothing but the most proficient, dependable, and superior quality of service in all aspects of our job. Each of our qualified and highly skilled licensed property management agents work diligently and efficiently to obtain the best vendors at the lowest possible prices, saving you money in the long run.


As a Boca Raton HOA Management company we take a strong yet supportive role in maintaining and improving the beauty, quality, and overall success and functioning of the particular community/property. We also work with legal council on association issues and assume fiscal responsibility for effectively overseeing all phases of HOA property management, along with other various responsibilities as an ideal property management company!


“The knowledge that our Hawk-Eye team works so incredibly well together and that they share my passion for providing top notch management services gives me the greatest amount of satisfaction that a leader can have. Each staff member is provided with an environment where they can grow and achieve their highest potential thereby creating the next generation of Association Management’s “best and brightest” leaders… Paul N. Patti, CEO

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