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West Palm Beach Condominium Associations

The West Palm Beach Condominium Associations which we have managed over the years, have benefited tremendously from our superior property management skills. Condos include townhomes, hotels and RV parks -- essentially any home where walls, pipes and wires are shared. Place a condo association in our competent hands and all forms of under-performance will be quickly rooted out. We, here at Hawk-Eye Management Inc. are experts at condo association management. We embrace challenges. Being solution-oriented, we are never daunted by complicated condo issues. Hawk-Eye Management Inc. provides a focused, honorable, dependable team when our clients hire our services for condo management. Our pro-active leadership style and our dedication to the interest of our clients, clearly set us miles apart from other property management companies serving West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas.

Clearly, Hawk-Eye Management Inc. is widely accepted as a most trusted property management company, one of the leading providers of full-fledged management services for West Palm Beach Condominium Associations. We serve a range of clients throughout Florida. Unlike a homeowners association, the condo association does not actually own anything. The association is a mandatory membership form of government, whose members include every owner of the building. The association does manage and govern the building, with the responsibility for maintaining most of the common elements, but it does not own the common elements; the membership owns an undivided interest in them, with few exceptions. Florida Statutes and Associations documents govern the manner in which business of the condominium is conducted. We, as a serious property management company, adhere to the rules and regulations laid down. We are ideal for all types of condo associations, whether in West Palm Beach or elsewhere. Meet with us in FREE, no-obligation consultation and discuss your needs.

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