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West Boca Raton Condominium Associations

West Boca Raton condominium associations and others rely on us, Hawk-Eye Management Inc. for full-fledged property association management services. We are a well-established property management service provider, delivering excellent managerial service throughout South Florida. Confidently hire us for your condominium association. If it is underperforming, you can look forward to us transforming it into a productive entity fulfilling all of its important goals and objectives promptly and very well and also cost-effectively. Our team is one of the most professional and experienced teams in South Florida today. You simply cannot go wrong hiring us. We understand the structure of condo associations and the demands that result. Condos actually create a unique ownership situation in multi-residential building, typically where walls, pipes and wires are shared. While high-rise buildings are the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about condos, the definition may also include townhomes and hotels. Whatever the nature of the condo association, we can competently manage it.

A condo unit owner owns an undivided interest in the building itself, along with every other owner of the condominium association. In a condominium association, unlike a homeowners association, the condo association does not own anything. Rather, it is a mandatory membership form of government that is made up of every owner of the building. The association does manage and govern the building with the responsibility for maintaining most of the common elements, but it does not own the common elements. The membership owns an undivided interest in them with few exceptions. Call us, Hawk-Eye Management Inc. now;  immediately see why West Boca Raton condominium associations have used and preferred our comprehensive management services. There is absolutely no doubt that we have what it takes to manage any type of property association, particularly condominium associations. Meet with us in FREE consultation.

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