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Condominium Associations Highland Beach

Several Condominium Associations in Highland Beach are being managed by Hawk-Eye Management Inc. resulting in significant money and time being saved, and property integrity is being well-maintained. Hawk-Eye Management Inc. has become well-known for the mastery of the management of all types of Associations, and HOA, having served South Florida with distinction for over 25 years; all rates are reasonable. We have the resources, the systems, and the qualified manpower, required to manage the lifecycle of all types of Property Associations. Our strong positive reputation for excellence has enabled us to retain 90% of our clientele, consistently. But if you are not fully satisfied, we will refund your first two months fee. Our Property Managers always promote your best interest. Duties include: overseeing the hiring of employees, the handling of owner collections, the conducting of business with Association professionals, lawyers, engineers, through the focused management of Condominium Associations in Highland Beach.

All Property Owners in Highland Beach with needs for proper management of Condominium Associations in Highland Beach, ought to get to know our well-respected Management Company immediately! Our hallmarks are in evidence when we take charge; expect pro-active leadership, complete integrity, skilled management practice. After all, integrity is the underlying principle of Hawk-Eye Management Inc., the founding premise upon which Hawk-Eye Management Inc. was conceived. We strive to ensure that your work environment runs smoothly, that your housing community functions efficiently, and we look-out for cost-effective ways to enhance your property, and your community. When our highly skilled, Licensed Property Managers are assisting you with your Association's routine duties, you, as Property Owner, are released from the day-to-day hassle of managing Condominium Associations in Highland Beach, and can apply your time and energy to crucial matters requiring your personal attention.

In a condominium, unlike a homeowners association, the association generally does not own anything. The association is a mandatory membership form of government that is made up of every owner of the building. The association does manage and govern the building with the responsibility for maintaining most of the common elements, but it does not own the common elements; the membership owns an undivided interest in them with few exceptions.

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