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Florida is home to countless planned communities, which are each governed by HOA Management, especially in Boca Raton. These are mandatory membership associations that are responsible for maintaining the common elements of the community. And here at Hawk-Eye Management, Inc, we provide HOA management to any communities who need our professional expertise when it comes to the daily operations of their homeowners association.


Homeowners in this type of association usually own their land and the house itself, including the walls, floors, ceilings, etc. An HOA Management in Boca Raton, on the other hand, is responsible for common elements such as tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pool areas, gatehouses, roads and other open space areas used for the enjoyment of all residents. However, you may still find restrictions imposed by many Homeowners Associations, including control of paint color used and type of landscaping or roofing materials.


In some cases of HOA Management in Boca Raton, a homeowners association will voluntarily assume the responsibility of certain maintenance items to retain a uniform appearance throughout the community. Examples would include tree, sidewalk or mailbox maintenance, where the association would budget accordingly to provide for the repairs and replacement of these items.


State statutes for HOA Management in Boca Raton are usually considered less stringent than condominiums, but over the past years, the gap between the two has been lessened considerably. Clerical and accounting responsibilities include maintaining accurate records, financial reporting, billing, collections of assessments and payments of invoices for work performed to maintain the community.


“The knowledge that our Hawk-Eye team works so incredibly well together and that they share my passion for providing top notch management services gives me the greatest amount of satisfaction that a leader can have. Each staff member is provided with an environment where they can grow and achieve their highest potential thereby creating the next generation of Association Management’s “best and brightest” leaders… Paul N. Patti, CEO

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