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Hawk-Eye Management Inc. focuses on providing outstanding property owners as well as a range of management services for your Boca Raton Property Management. As a fully Licensed Agency, offering effective and affordable association management services, you can expect value for your money. Our staff will oversee all of the daily tasks required by your association. As your trusted management partner, we can handle it all, from the hire and supervision of employees, directing owner collections, dealing with violations, enforcing leases rules and regulations, receiving and collecting payments, and coordinating business with lawyers, accountants, engineers and other professionals. We take care of the day-to-day making sure that everything runs in an orderly and efficient manner.

Some of the key points of the Hawk-Eye Management Inc. Property Management services are the assignment of dedicated, professional Managers, and the application of the principle of integrity which informs all tasks performed. For the Boca Raton Property Management, our managers will diligently work for our clients, securing vendors at competitive prices, undertaking the controlling of association costs and several administrative duties. Tenant requests are attended to promptly. Our Managers take an aggressive role in maintaining and improving the beauty of the community, work with legal personnel on issues, and assume fiscal responsibility. A master association is a single entity that is responsible for the maintenance of multiple buildings, where each exists as a separate association within a planned development. Each association keeps separate books and records, setting aside a separate budget for any shared common expenses.

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