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Here in Boca Raton, many people think of condominiums as high-rise buildings. But in reality, they may also include townhomes, hotels and RV parks -- essentially any home where walls, pipes and wires are shared. Here at Hawk-Eye Management, we provide Boca Raton condo association management services to help your condo association manage its day-to-day responsibilities.

Condo owners own everything from the inner surface of the walls and ceiling. While they do not own the walls themselves, they do own the airspace inside the ceiling, floor and walls. A unit owner owns an undivided interest in the building itself, together with every other owner of the condominium association. In other words, you do not own a part of the building; you and the rest of the residents all share in the ownership of the entire building instead.

In a condominium, unlike a homeowners association, the association typically does not own anything. The association is a mandatory membership form of government whose members include every owner of the building. The association does manage and govern the building with the responsibility for maintaining most of the common elements, but it does not own the common elements; the membership owns an undivided interest in them with few exceptions.

Florida Statutes and Associations documents govern the manner in which business of the condominium is conducted.

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