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Boca Raton Master Associations

In Boca Raton the Master Associations which we manage, have been transformed by us, from underperformers to peak performers. How did we achieve that feat? Quick answer---focused management. We are also highly experienced, with the management of all types property associations. A Master Association usually consists of a single entity responsible for the maintenance of multiple buildings, where each exists as a separate association within a single planned development. Within this development, each association keeps separate books and records, and there is a separate budget for shared common expenses. Hire our esteemed services and benefit tremendously. We will save you a substantial amount of money and preserve the integrity of your real estate portfolio. There is no doubt, that we are ideal for master associations and the residents of the complexes. Meet us in FREE consultation. We will guide you on all of your needs.

We, Hawk-Eye Management Inc., master the art of association management. We outpace the competition, every time. We understand the various challenges facing Boca Raton Master Associations. We know that multi-association projects are governed by individual associations, using a single master association to manage elements that are common to the entire development. We can competently deal with the demands this type of structure produces. Each individual association creates its own rules to govern the use of its common elements, and to develop its own budgeting and services. The master association manages those elements that are shared by all of the individual associations, including common grounds, security, community pools and tennis courts. Each individual association contributes funds to pay for the services they provide. We are ready to evaluate your property portfolio. Count on us to contribute significantly and create a positive and long-lasting impact on all aspects of the operating of your Master Association.

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