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Homeowners Associations West Boca Raton

Hawk-Eye Management, is one of the most trusted property management service available in South Florida to manage any homeowners associations in West Boca Raton. Many of our today's suburban neighborhoods are planned communities that are governed by a mandatory membership association, also known as a “Homeowners Association” (HOA). In this case, homeowners in this type of association usually own their land and the house itself, including the walls, ceilings, floors, etc. Some of the clerical and accounting responsibilities include maintaining accurate records, financial reporting, billing, collections of assessments and payments of invoices for work performed in order to maintain the community. Give us a call today for a free consultation and let's talk about your situation and demonstrate how we can help you.

Hawk-Eye Management can work along with the Board of Directors to responsible for repairing any common elements of the community in a timely manner. Examples of this include tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pool areas, gatehouses, roads and open space area used for the enjoyment of the residents. Each resident, on the other hand, is responsible for his or her own landscaping and general maintenance of their own property, such as painting or roof repair. However, control of paint color used, type of landscaping or roofing materials are examples of restrictions imposed by many homeowners associations.
We can help with the following services, landscape maintenance, common utilities upkeep, deed restriction, enforcement and so many other types of needs to be managed in your homeowners associations in West Boca Raton. We are here for you and we are committed to superior management.

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